What do writing services offer?

Thesis edition

The «thesis edition» consists in carrying out a process of editing, that is to say a deep evaluation and general revision of the material that not only includes the correction of the same one, but also a deep reading to detect all type of syntactic, semantic, structural errors , of coherence, cohesion, style, check of sources, data and a long etcetera.

I offer an integral service

That means that I take care that the original is optimized to achieve the best expression of the contents of the work. I am aware of the capital importance that each author has for the approval of a thesis, the result of months and even years of hard work, research and study, therefore it must be approached with maximum responsibility and professionalism.

Book edition

The concept of “book publishing” is polysemic. It alludes both to edit (publish) and to perform an editing process, which consists of a thorough evaluation and general review of the material that not only includes the correction of the same, but also a deep reading to detect all kinds of syntactic, semantic errors, structural, coherence, cohesion, style, narrative rhythm and a long etcetera.

My work philosophy is to achieve optimal results, and for this it is essential not to have the sword of Damocles of time against, but in favor. A successful editing process must inevitably have agreed deadlines, so hurry is not a good counselor. The God Cronos must always be on our side, so a good editing is at odds with the urgencies. Whoever says otherwise will attempt against the quality of the final result.

Editing web content

In recent years the edition of web content in the «Network of networks» has grown exponentially, but the quality of the new contents -in general terms- is inversely proportional to its quantity, especially in regard to texts. On the Internet many pamper the image, the design or the typographies, but they inexplicably neglect the fundamental aspect on which their success or communication failure is based: the expository and conceptual clarity of the message that they wish to transmit.

Book style correction

The style correction of books consists in carrying out a deep process of general improvements of the original text, always respecting to the maximum precisely the style, the structure and the imprint of the author. Nowadays, this type of work is carried out in some cases by people who are not qualified for this task, that is why we find-especially through the Internet-those who offer this type of editorial services with very low rates.

Thesis style correction

The thesis style correction is as relevant as its writing, since without passing through the screen of a qualified professional, years of effort, research and writing may be spoiled. The more time and dedication an author has put in the writing of his thesis, the more indispensable will be the hiring of a service of correction of really professional style that is up to the challenge.

The “time” factor, frequent Achilles heel

I have heard countless authors regret having contacted me a few weeks before the final delivery of their thesis. Many of them aware that they no longer had a prudential time to perform a task tailored to the titanic work done by the author, and sometimes without sufficient time even for a last minute correction that at least solves the most obvious errors and rude to conclude in a disproved thesis.

Orthophoto correction of books

The orthophotographic correction of books consists of a less profound correction than the style, in which aspects such as errata, unification of quotation marks, symbols, accents, indentations, typographies are improved, that is to say aspects that although very relevant do not constitute errors background. This type of correction in most cases is done once the work was already designed, that is to say when it is visually seen in its definitive graphic and typographic form to be uploaded to the Internet, converted into an e-book or printed for to be embodied in a book on paper.

Thesis ortho typographical correction

The thesis ortho typographical correction should be the obligatory culmination of any work of that nature before being presented, not only because that way it enhances the best of a work as arduous as important author, but because it allows to smooth roughness that in some cases They can end up overshadowing all the good things in work.

Correct your thesis is to put it in value

Do you consider it costly to pay the fees of a good proofreader? Actually, what is expensive is not to do it, because that way you are subtracting yourself as an author a good chance of success because – erudite as it is, by successive revisions and readings you make – the professional eye of an experienced proofreader will provide a wide variety of tools to improve and enhance all the benefits of his thesis.

Thesis writing

The thesis writing is a delicate and complex process that deserves a very detailed planning. It usually happens that authors from different areas of knowledge have a clear idea about which they want to expand, they can explain and verbally base it but they feel unable to translate it in writing. It is very frequent that brilliant and convincing ideas are shipwrecked in confusing, vague and poorly constructed texts. These cases clearly illustrate the imperative need to hire a professional capable of writing accurately and professionally each idea or concept that the author needs to communicate through his thesis.

Writing web content

The writing of web content is deeply neglected in the majority of cases, constituting a serious error that often tarnish and even ruin all other aspects (graphic design, typography, issues addressed, etc.) of the web pages. Internet has experienced a geometric growth in terms of the amount of content available, however, in that immense amount of available materials, everything relating to the quality of the texts included there has been flagrantly neglected. This detracts from the whole and evidences a lack of understanding of the central importance that implies including care, revised, corrected and updated texts without which the message that pretends to be disseminated fails.

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